The Music Education Blog Carnival has been a huge success on many levels.  It has crated a “buzz” about becoming a blogger among music educators; it provides a semi-peer reviewed venue for posting great and useful music related posts, and also provides this information to the world free of charge.  It’s a “win, win” for all parties involved.

Joel and I started the Music EducationCarnival with these intentions in mind.  Now that the carnival is currently in its 5th edition, we are getting some of the particulars figured out.  There is a “landing page”, as it were, for the Music Education Carnival that can be found in the tabs above at or by going to this URL: .  It’s easy to remember.  Check out the cool graphic I made for the carnival too!

A number of dedicated music education experts are wanting to host the site (and have) and we are already “booked” until February of 2009!

November 1st will be hosted by Travis J. Weller at Composing Like Mad.
December 1st will be hosted by Eugene Cantera at Discover, Learn, Play.
January 1st will be hosted by Chris Foley at Colloborative Piano

If you would like to be a future host let is know!  The semi-accepted rule is that you must have been involved in a previous carnival to host a carnival (more of these simple guidelines -including a host guide coming soon!)

Take a moment to check out the previous carnivals as well:

4th edition, October 1st, 2008: Nancy Flanagin – Teacher in a Strange Land
3rd edition, September 1st, 2008: Amy M. Burns – elementary Music/Music Tech. Blog
2nd edition, August 1st, 2008: Dr. Joseph M. Pisano – MusTech.Net
1st edition, July 1st, 2008: Joel Wagner – So You Want To Teach?

Take the time to submit one of your posts today for the November issue.  All the information about this carnival, including how to submit an entry, may be found at the URL listed above.  There are more “fine tunings” coming soon.  So keep yourself posted!


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