C-MuSE is a Custom Music Education Search Engine utilizing the Google search indexes and is another beta “lab” project by myself.  Currently I’m indexing every Music Education Blogger Site in this highly customized Google search engine in an attempt to cut through the “junk” when indexing sites that contain information that I want to report vs. information that I don’t want or find confusing.  This custom search is another way to return a better percentage of focused results about a particular subject when they are returned to the user after inputting the search query.

I can easily see this turning into a self-hosted site and it may in the future.  I plan to add about 150 useful music education related sites to this index in the near future.  As a related music technology project, I am going to have my college music undergraduates begin to compile a list of very useful, related, and current music education sites as candidates for inclusion with this list in the future.

I’ve also toyed with Rollyo a number of years ago and posted my thoughts about it on MusTech.net and you may find that articles in the archives if you’re interested…it’s another great custom search platform.

Give C-MuSE a try today:  https://mustech.net/cmuse or click the page link above.


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