I spent a little time last night looking for and trhorugh a number of new search engines.  The following is a list of that I found that were interesting in some way (I looked at about fifty in total).  I’m always looking for a way to “cut through” the useless information that is posted on the internet and from time to time, I look at what the new search engines are providing in terms of useful results to me (and for my students!).  But, some of the ones I list here are also just plain fun and beautiful as well! 

In the end I’m still a Google fanatic but I will use some of these from time to time as well now.  I’m not going to go into any depth on these other than a short blurb.  You can check them for yourselves and decide on their usefulness to you.  Of all I’ve seen posted about new search engines, or unique search engines, this list is going to be one of the best -no doubt!

1.  Searchme- http://searchme.com
Wow!  This one is gorgeous…not a fan of what it was returning though with search input though.

2. Viewzi- http://viewzi.com
Again, Wow! This is also gorgeous and skinnable in a weird way.  Some of the templates remind of the, now defunct, PageBull search engine which was also amazing! Search input results a little better than Searchme.

3. Cuil- http://www.cuil.com/
Everyone talks about it, pronounced “cool”.  It looks nice, but I find its results not what I’m looking for.  It does have a great interface though…

4. Tripleme- http://tripleme.com
In my opinion, ugly green and blue, but it is a pretty and very useful 3 column layout showing MSN, Google, and Yahoo results side by side.

5. Mnemomap- http://www.mnemo.org/
Interesting mindmap result type of search engine.  Very accurate if you are looking for non-phrase related searches.

6. Lexxe- http://lexxe.com
Very good cluster based search engine.  Pretty accurate at returning useful answers to questions and input.

7. Powerset – http://powerset.com
An excellent search engine for searching Wikipedia data.  Try it you will never search Wikipedia without it again.

8. Exalead – http://www.exalead.com/search
Another very good “result” based search engine that reminds me of the new Google Chrome’s abilities to have a number of recently viewed or bookmarked graphic sites at the front end.

9. Searchcube – http://www.symmetri.com/searchcube
This is a very visual and fun way to look at searches via a rotatable cube!  Search results are not bad based on input.

10. inSuggest – http://insuggest.com
Not a search engine, per say… but a very pretty, and useful way to find related sites, images, or bookmarks of interest.   It is very accurate at coming up with related sites.  Type in mustech.net and see.

11. Searchmash – http://searchmash.com
This one was fantastic at returning search results based on input and then I found out why… it’s a secret beta experiment for the Google folks!   It’s a secret, yet public, search engine that is fast and allows for clusters and category searches.  It looks basic up front, but type something in and then look!

Hope you have fun with these!


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