Sorry I haven’t been posting lately… I’ve been overwhelmed with local responsibilities both educational and civic related (I’m a borough councilman).     Hopefully, the craziness will slow down soon!

Here are a couple of things to note:  If you haven’t signed up for the latest Blog Carnival, you are now down to mere hours…  The next edition will be posted by Nancy Flanagin tomorrow @ Teacher in a Strange Land.  The next blog carnival will be hosted by Travis J. Weller.  

Travis also has a great “circle post” posted about saving middle-school music… give it a try!

Here is the link to the Music Education Carnival:

Also, the New List ofME Bloggerswill be up tomorrow!  If you’re riding on the fence or haven’t gotten back to me….Now’s The Time!

In related music education/technology news… Here are a few of crazy, literally, establishment shaking announcements that are both hot and current:

Wall-Mart/Yahoo & Friends deactivates DRM from their songs….   This has the potential to completely force DRM off of every type of music, including that of the Apple iPod store(s).  Here is an article from Student technewsthat contains a sample letter from an “unlucky Wal-Mart Customer” that explains what now must be done to retain their legally purchased music…

RIAA (Recording Industry Assocaition of America) loses a $222,000 verdict…  This particular decision is going to totally upset the “apple cart” about Peer 2 Peer (P2P) sharing and create a whole lot more discussion and controversey!   Meanwhile, the Senate unanimously passes a RIAA-backed bill…  Does it ever end?

Finally, Pandora and other Internet Radio Stations receive a reprieve (for awhile)…   I’ve spoken about this subject before…   Internet radio is constantly under attack by those that would make it impossible for payment-free radio stations like Pandora…



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