If you have not been following along here at MusTech.Net…it’s time to catch up!   Travis Weller and I, decided to test some of the educational “outer limits” of using SKYPE in the classroom at a performance in May of 2008.   What we accomplished was nothing short of “ground breaking” in the music education/performance and related arenas.  At Travis’ Spring Instrumental Concert we SKYPED three of the composers of pieces being performed that night, LIVE via VIDEO, into the concert to talk with the performers, conductor, and audience that were present that evening.  The composers SKYPED in were, Dr. Andrew Boysen, Dr. Scott Watson, and Mr. Brian Balmages.

Today, on the front page of Campus Technology, is an article by Linda L. Briggs, about our project entitled: Bringing Composers into Classrooms Through Skype.   Travis and I have been interviewing with a number of folks about our usage of SKYPE in the educational setting and this is one of the articles that has resulted from that collaboration with the SKYPE folks and others.

I have started a 4-part series about our SKYPE CONCERT and have finished the first two parts; you may find those articles here:

Part I, Out of the Box, Connecting the Audience, Performers, and Composers through Skype
Part II, Connecting the Audience, Performers, and Composers

The other two parts are forthcoming and hopefully will be completed by the end of September 2008.

Here are a couple of recent mentions about SKYPE found in articles at MusTech.Net:
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Using Skype in the Educational Setting: Skyping Experts Into The Classroom

The official citing of the Briggs article is:

Linda L Briggs, “Bringing Composers into Classrooms Through Skype,” Campus Technology, 8/27/2008, http://www.campustechnology.com/article.aspx?aid=66727

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