A quick announcement to let you all know that Darren and I have finished our latest podcast and will be posting it at MusTech.Net as soon as the PodPress folks figure out what is wrong with the integration of Podpress 8.8 and WordPress version 2.6.

There are two posts about these issues from podcastingnews.com:

The first announcement of the issue can be found at

And a temporary “fix” can be found here about turning off the revisions feature of WordPress at

The folks over at mightyseek.com have promised a fix for the problem this coming week.  I’m going to wait for their update, so if you’re experiencing a problem with this hold tight, the solutions will be coming to you in a matter of days!

         Dr. Joseph M. Pisano 
Please note until this update is installed on MusTech.Net there will be some problems when vieiwing our podcast pages and posts.

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