Even though I can’t post here as I normally do due to the problem with PodPress.  I’ve went ahead and put our new podcast up at at our Podomatic Host Site.  With this episode we have begun offering two versions of our podcast: A Standard mp3 based podcast and an ENHANCED podcast that is in the wma format.

The ENHANCED podcast will allow anyone who has downloaded the file to not only have a great audio of our show, but also have referenced websites automatically be opened, in time, as the podcast plays.  It actually is a totally cool and more educational way to experience a podcast.

Until I get them “up” here, you can find our latest podcast, entitled HD Radio, Earsets, RIS and More!, at our Podomatic host site:

For the Standard Podcast follow this link:

For the Enhanced Podcast, follow this link (make sure you check the notes within the post at Podomatic so that you can have the full experience of the enhancements!):

I’ll be posting these epidosdes at MusTech.net as I normally do when all the kinks are worked out with WordPress and PodPress…


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