Hello all,

    As with everyone it’s been more than busy with the start of the college year.   We’ve had a killer band camp and the Marching Wolverines are stronger than ever (And We’re Going To Disney in October!).   I am working to having the ME Blogger campaign back on track, as far as my administering of it, and up-to-date as of this September.

    Just a note, I will be looking back over the ME Bloggers in the next month to make sure that you all are keeping you’re commitments to being a ME Blogger.  At the end of this campaign, I will be writing a  number of articles for publication and I want to make sure that all the ME Bloggers are active bloggers and not just “cruising” along.  The ME Bloggers are the FIRST generation of Music Education bloggers and we need to be the examples for countless generations to come..we have to set the standard. :)

  Find out what we are all about here: https://mustech.net/100-me-bloggers.   I am going to be “pushing” for a community of people that comment, not only here but internet-wide over the next year…both of ourselves and of our students, and, musician friends.  Take the time to comment on posts you like, both here and everywhere; even if it’s just to say, GREAT JOB!. :)

    Doug Butchy has requested that I come up with a way to start a Twitter Music Education Group (Thanks Doug for the idea).  I’ve figured out how to do this out and will be posting about it soon.   You can always follow my twitters at http://twitter.com/pisanojm the page is Black &  Gold for the STEELERS!

    I’ve decided to use WordPress at the CMS for the NU Chapter of Phi Beta Mu (International Bandmasters Honorary) and am working toward finishing their/our site soon.  If you want to see this progress from “root” to something in the next two weeks you can check out the site and progress here: http://pbmpa.org.  I’m also going to be using WordPress for our PA Intercollegiate Band Masters site, which I will have up…TBA!!! Stay “tuned” for that site. :)

    Don’t give up on  your music program, if you need help make sure you check out http://supportmusic.com. I’ve posted about this in the past, do a search in the sidebar for related posts.   Also check under the advocacy section of mustech.net.

    If you are looking for a guest speaker, music advocate, or clinician for your dept. or school don’t be afraid to ask me.  I work with many schools and many different sized budgets.  I’ll be posting my upcoming schedule soon in the sidebars of mustech.net for everyone to see and I hope that we’ll be able to come across each other sometime soon.   If you are looking to do something OUT OF THE BOX, I’ll try SKYPING into your classroom if I have the time.  We are moving along on the SKYPE frontiers and integrating it heavily into a number of courses.  Check out the series of posts about SKYPE at mustech.net for more information.

    Finally, if you have any “AMAZING” ideas about how to integrate your Music Education Class with technology, let me know about them.  Maybe we can work toward making those ideas a reality together or with others of similiar mind.


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