Well, I didn’t want it to be this way, but I fell behind, way behind with regard to the ME Blogger Campaign.   I am going to begin to rectify that with this post and start and all out re-freshed campaign to GET OUR 100 ME Bloggers by the January 1st, 2009 Deadline!

My sincerest apologies for those who have waited to be included on the official ME Blogger list.  Believe me, I may have accidently missed/misplaced someone who has requested to be included in the last weeks.  If I did, please renotify me of your interest and your site and I’ll check them out. :)

The Bloggers New From The Summer Are ….  Drum Roll Please!!!!

62. http://www.howtopractise.com (yes it’s a “s”, it’s an English spelling)
Mike Saville – How To Practise

63. http://www.free2create.com/blog
Valerie Kampmeier – Free 2 Create

64. http://musicmattersblog.com
Natalie Wickham – Music Matters Blog

65. http://theresawhite.edublogs.org
Theresa White – Education In Music

66. http://africlassical.blogspot.com
William Zick – Africlassical

67. http://discoverlearnplay.blogspot.com
Eugene Cantera – Discover, Learn, Play (MusickED.com’s Blog)

68. http://mstrismusic.com
Ms. Tris – MsTrisMusic.com

69. http://www.learn-theory-music.com/learn-theory-music-blog.html
Julian Partridge – Learn Theory Music Blog

70. Tennyson Williams – Guitar Articles.Net

71.  Dan Thompson -Creative Kid Music

72. Oscar – Educacion Musical – Music Education (Our first, in Spanish, ME Blog!)

I know a couple of potential ME Bloggers have slipped through the “cracks” please let me know about your site again.   We are almost to 75%!!!  Now that school is starting up, I encourage you all to get back into blogging and for any potential ME Blogger, get off the fence and join today!  Expect more ME Blogger posts in the upcoming weeks!!! 

Find the FULL list of ME Bloggers here: The latest list of ME Bloggers!


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