I’ve been having a couple of issues with MusTech.Net so if things have been a little “different” with your experience, I apologize!

I’m still waiting for the PodPress update to be published. So you will not be able to listen to the podcasts directly from MusTech.Net until that is resolved.  I’ve also had issues with my ODEO feed in the right Sidebar.  It was causing a script error with the ODEO player.

Finally, I totally messed the site up when I was upgrading a number of plugins that I use and lost 3 of my last posts (Despite by daily backup!!!!) so I had to reconstruct those. 

Oh well!  Things are “kinda” back on track now!  Well I’m at it I might as well also state that I’m about 6 weeks behind on the ME Blogger Project.  My goal is to get that turned around very soon!  Stay tuned!


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