This is the second post in a series about an “Out of the Box” experiment by myself and Travis Weller about using SKYPE as a bridge to connect the audience, performers, and composers, together, during a concert.   This post will contain a flash video of the highlights of that concert.  The video is over 20 minutes long and will allow you to see the process which we used to make this hybrid concert a reality.

The video was created using Pinnacle Studio 10. and an incredible freeware flash converter that makes embedding video, like this, into a website with playback controls a breeze, Free Video to Flash Converter. This  video is hosted here at; please let me know if you would like a copy of it to use for educational purposes.

The Bridging the Gap Between the Composers and Audience Video in Brief:

  1. 0:00 Color Bars
  2. 0:10 Title Sequence
  3. 0:20 Brief Introduction and description
  4. 0:46 Part I, Concert Introduction
  5. 3:22 Part II, Composer, Mr. Brian Balmages
  6. 8:04 Part III, Composer, Dr. Andrew Boysen
  7. 15:06 Part IV, Composer, Dr. Scott Watson
  8. 19:40 Part V, Ending Text, Wrap up
  9. 20:24 END

I would especially like to thank Grove City College Music Education Majors: Brad Volek, Emily Maize, Matthew Haas, and Krista Schmidt for their help with this project.

The next post in this series, Part III, will focus on the hardware and software details of this series…  the “What was used?”, and “How did we use it?” aspects…

Bridging the Gap Between the Composers and Audience, May 2008

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