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Welcome to the 2nd annual monthly edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival! The Music Blog Carnival was created and is maintained by Dr. J. Pisano of and Joel of in order to promote the great works being done by Music Education Bloggers across the Internet.

The Music Education Blog Carnival is published on the 1st of every month and is a recognized member of the communities of blogs indexed by All writings submitted to the Music Education Blog Carnival are examined to ensure that they are valid, interesting, and related to our discussion topic(s).


The August, 2008 Music Education Carnival of Blogs:

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I am very excited to host this edition of the carnival with over a dozen of VERY interesting articles and topics. There are a number of new contributers and bloggers in this edition. As in the last edition, posts were saught from any topic related to music education. This edition contains such a treasure trove of knowledge that I’m sure you will want to read them all in one sitting… if you can!

Joel and I are very excited about the tremendous growth in the field of music education bloggers and we (as well as many of our other good friends!) are working hard to continue to provide unique opportunities for them and continue to grow the music education blog community. The Music Education Blog Carnival is just one of those ways to continue to introduce ourselves to each other and the world through our writings about a topic we are passionate about!

If you are reading this and are an active music blogger, I encourage you to join our next carnival which will be hosted by the Elementary Music/Music Technology blog and current TI:ME president, Amy M. Burns. Also, please consider joining the ME Blogger campaign. The campaign started in January 2008 and is finishing on December 31st 2008. The goal…to identify and solicit 100 of the top music educator bloggers known in…, well, our known universe!

I wish you all the best on your upcoming school years and encourage you to “get back to blogging” as you all are “getting back to school!”. Keep the Faith and the great blogging coming!

~Dr. Joseph Pisano -Aug. 2008’s Music Education Blog Carnival Host

This Edition’s Posts (In alphabetical order of blogger):

  1. Owen Bradley presents August Rush and the state of music education
    posted at The Digital Music Educator.
  2. Amy M. Burns presents SMART Board in the Elementary Music Classroom
    posted at Elementary Music/Music Technology Blog.
  3. Eugene Cantera presents Thinking for a Change in Music Education
    posted at Discover, Learn, Play.
  4. Joel presents The Art of Teaching Beginning Band
    posted at So You Want To Teach?.
  5. Marilyn Johnson presents Teach Your Students to Strive for Excellence in Performance
    posted at MJ’s Music Teaching Tips.
  6. Madeleine Begun Kane
    Tempo, Tempo posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.
  7. Mitesh presents How to Heighten your Creativity Through Music
    posted at Invent Creativity.
  8. MsTris presents Fl Studio: Knockin Kicks | MsTrisMusic.Com
    posted at MsTris.
  9. Leo Park presents Wiriting & Speaking Musically posted at I Know…I Think.
  10. Joseph Pisano presents And My Conducting Mastery Group Flashcards
    posted at Music, Technology and Education:
  11. Stengel99 presents Beginning Percussionists: Every Teacher’s Dilemma
    posted at Music Ed Lounge.
  12. Thomas J. West presents Practice Tip #1: Make a Practice Session Schedule
    posted at Thomas J. West Music.
  13. Travis J. Weller presents Did NO ONE “listen” to the Grammy’s?
    posted at Composing Like Mad.
  14. DB Williams presents The Joy of Musical Performance
    posted at Religion, Politics and More.


That concludes the August 2008 Edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and we encourage you to visit AND comment about the posts you read from this carnival as you have time at the original author’s site and also at the host site!

Submit your blog article to the next edition of music education blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.



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