I’m already getting in gear for band camp.  We start on August 14th.  It’s going to be a great year… I know this already because we’re taking the marching band and the jazz ensemble to Disney World!   The kids are pretty excited about it…  

It’s also time to think about re-tooling your blog and getting some of your ideas up.  Why not jump start your blog with a couple of posts before you head back to school to get into the “swing of things” AND submit one to the Music Education Blog Carnival!  The August blog carnival is almost ready to be posted and you still have a few days to get your submissions into me and Joel…so take advantage of them! 

Submit your Music Education Blog Carnival entry to:

Here’s the link for your blog post submittal for the carnival:

I don’t have complete access to the back-end at the blog carnival site and will be working with Joel to see if we can have the site give more feedback to you when you submit your entries.  All entries will be considered and most will be posted provided they meet the music education topic criteria for the carnival. Stay Tuned!

           Dr. Prof. Joseph M. Pisano


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