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The August Edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival is Coming to town AND if you are a Music Ed. blogger you will DEFINETLEY want to be a part of it.  Joel and I started the Music Education Blog Carnival last month and it was a HUGE success! Over 22 Music education bloggers participated!  Let’s continue the forward steam!

The August edition will be posted on August 1st right here on MUSTECH.NET.   If you missed the last edition you can check out it’s music education informational packed post of posts here:

The initial two posts annoucing the Music Education Carnival are here:
* http://www.soyouwanttoteach.com/announcing-the-music-education-blog-carnival/
* https://mustech.net/2008/06/23/music-education-blog-carnival-coming

This months Blog Carnival will again be open to any music education and music education related topic.  If you are a ME Blogger, or a blogger that writes about music and education then you need to join in on the carnival fun!

We’re also looking for a Music Education “Carni” veteran to host the next Music Education Carnival, let me know if you are interested, ASAP. 

Already a Music Education Carnival Veteran?  Here’s the link for your blog post submittal: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_4443.html.  Click the link to be sent to the Music Education Carnival submission page.

I’m going to re-post the SIMPLE, EASY, and EXTREMELY USEFUL FAQ, I made about Blog Carnivals below.  Check this out to see how simple it is to become a “rider” on the Music Education Carnival:

What is a blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is way to extend and/or create a community of bloggers that have great things to say about a particular topic… in our case, Music Education.   A blog carnival functions as a mini-magazine focused around a particular topic and a type of written edition is created that surrounds the topic.  A blog article is submitted for inclusion in an upcoming edition, approved, and then posted together with other’s submissions.

Who is allowed to participate in the Carnival?

Anyone that has an article, new or old, that has something positive to contribute to the topic.  All are encouraged to take part with this, particularly the ME Bloggers!  As Joel states in his announcemet about the carnival, “If you have a great article … that is somehow buried in [your] archives of your blog that might relate- dig it out, dust it off, and submit it!”  …or write a new one on your blog for inclusion with this carnival! 

How do I Submit my article/blog post?

The process is actually very easy.  The Blog is being Hosted by http://blogcarnival.com and you can find the Music Education Submittal Page right here: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_4443.html.  Click the link to be sent to the Music Education Carnival submission page.

What do I submit/write about?It looks as though the first edition is going to be  very music education “topic open”, any topic that relates to music education, in some way can be chosen.  I choose to submit my article about online jamming (Not for any particular reason…).  Next month, I will host the carnival, and I’ll try to narrow down the topic a little more.


Who should participate in this? 

Every blogger that has something positive or constructive to say about music education, music technology, or a music education related topic.   It’s free, it’s free exposure for you and your blog, and it’s community constructive!

There have been so many of you posting great, articles… pick one of them and submit them to this carnival.   It only takes a minute or two.   Take the time to make this a success and give us the impetus to do continue doing this in the future.

Again, you can submit your blog article for inclusion here.

      See you at the carnival!

                       Dr. Joseph M. Pisano Ph.D.

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