Don’t forget to participate in the Music Education Blog Carnival this month.  It will be published on August 1st!  We have had a number of submissions, but would still like more (a whole bunch)!   To participate in this blog carnival, you can follow the following link (it’s super easy!!!):

Here’s the link for your blog post submittal for the carnival: 

Dust off one of your old blog posts (A brilliant one!) or create a new one, but don’t miss being in this edition!   I know it’s hard with the summer to blog and keep up with all this web 2.0 stuff, especially for teachers.  Lord knows I’m having a time keeping it all together this month as well!  I’m building a deck on my house (Yes myself!!!) and working on two web projects (top secret!) and trying to get ready for the college marching season (Go Wolverines!)…   With all of this, even I’m having trouble keeping up with the ME Blogger project and emails…I’ll get back to you all soon, I promise! AND will have the new ME Bloggers listed by the end of next week.

For this Music Education Blog Carnival edition, you may choose any music education related topic to be part of this project.  If you don’t have a blog, become a ME Blogger today!!! Check out this link: and then visit the carnival!!! :)

That’s all for now, don’t forget to participate with this carnival as soon as possible.  I will be turning all of the Music Education Carnival posts into a PDF -kind of a free downloadable magazine of sorts once things get back to a more normal schedule for me.

Best regards,

       Dr. Prof. Joseph M. Pisano

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