If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to globally unsubscribe to spammers and spam list, you’re out of luck. There is no such thing.  I was researching this topic today and found a fairly authoritative answer at SpamHaus (SpamHaus is one of the “Big-Guns” working to reduce email spam) .  

SpamHaus points out a number of so-called “spam removal” services being run by seemingly would-be do-gooders are, in fact, SPAM or Email Collectors themselves.  They state that “Any system that wants money in exchange for removing your address from a spammer’s list is a scam”.   ~Seems logical to me.

The biggest con of them all seems to be the Direct Marketing Associations “spam opt-out service”.  SpamHaus states that the very mission of the group is to “advance the interest of junk-email senders.”  They go on to state that some sites literally “spray” hundreds of millions of emails out per day.

What about sending a “Remove Me” from your list” back to the spammers?  Unless you are SURE that you are receiving a legitimate email from someone YOU DID subscribe to (E.G. JC Penney, Buy.com, FTD, etc.).  NEVER unsubscribe to a would-be spammer.  It only confirms your email address a working, legitimate, valid address.  By sending the “Remove Me”, you are actually setting yourself up for even more unwanted emails.

To read the article I found from SmapHaus about remove lists, click here:

To read about more about sending a “Remove Request” back to a potential Spammer, click here:

Best wishes for a SPAM free Summer!

             Dr. Joseph M. Pisano Ph.D.

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