Well, I’ve been getting back into a little bit of a normal schedule again and have had some time to “tie” up some of the loose ends with the ME Bloggers Campaign.  Here are a couple of housekeeping items:

  • If you haven’t been following the latest ME Blogger informational updates, please check it out:
  • I have sent out all of the FREE NAXOS account information for the ME Bloggers, if you have not received an email from me with your subscription codes, please contact me ASAP (up to 54):
  • If you haven’t added mustech.net (or any other ME Blogger) to your blogroll, please consider doing so as it will spread the word about all of us.
  • If you haven’t posted or commented recently, why not do so today?
  • We are only 46 away from reaching our goal of 100 Music Education Bloggers!   Let’s keep pushing forward!
  • Get ready for the 1st annual Music Education Blogging conference…  (Yep, I’m serious about this and will be putting together the details over the summer!)
  • Joel (over at http://soyouwanttoteach.com) and I will be starting a Music Education blog carnival June 1st.   I will be posting about this by the end of this week (Joel’s got it all down, now I have to catch up to where he is on all of this!) :)

Here’s the list of NEW ME Bloggers For May (so far!):

48. /mutech
Rich Blenkinsopp – Studiobee Music

49.  http://musicmiddleschoolandweb20.blogspot.com/
Susan Hurst – Music, Middle School and Web 2.0

50. http://www.kirki.co.uk
Dr. Phil Kirkman -Music Education and Technology Blog

51. http://tufsdblogs.org/winze
Ann Winze- WI Orchestra

52. http://www.thirddivison.org
David DeVoto – Third Division

53. http://collaborativepiano.blogspot.com
Dr. Chris Foley – The Collaborative Piano Blog

54. http://bandguys.wordpress.com
Matthew Pelandina and Mike Lewis – The BandGuys’ blog

           Dr. Prof. Joseph M. Pisano 

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