Music Education Bloggers Update For May 2008

Just a quick update to the ME Blogger list.  Please visit and say hello to the latest ME Bloggers!  If you are a current ME Blogger and have not received your FREE NAXOS ONLINE MUSIC LIBRARY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE LET ME KNOW VIA THE CONTACT TAB ABOVE!

Join Today!

It look as if we are over 60 before the halfway point!  Congratulations to all!  If you haven’t posted for awhile, please consider posting before the end of the school year before you all go on hiatus! :) 

Also, please check the 100 Music Education Bloggers Status Page for more information about the ME Blogger Campaign and how to get your own ME Blogger Graphic for your site! 

Drum Roll Please:

David French -The Music Education Blogspot

Larry Marra -Music Teachers 911

Rebecca Brown -Piano Teacher’s Retreat

Steve Mugglin -Creativity and Songwriting in Music Education

Gary Albing -Total Music Education

Ben Baker -Teaching Music

Susan Davis -Music Technology Musings

I’m still waiting to “hear” back from a couple of you, if you’re one of them, let me know ASAP! 

      Dr. Joseph M. Pisano 

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