Well it’s official, Justin Muchoney won the Walt Disney World Dream CMO Job Contest!  Congratulations to him and a BIG thanks to all MusTech.Net! readers for helping to vote him into “office”.   Back in early April, I put out the word about him and his “dream job”  in a post titled :Let’s Help Make A Musician And Music Educator The Chief Magic Official Of Disney World, to help him in his campaign.  Now Justin and all of us who voted were/are part of Disney History!

Justin won in a land-slide election.  He had 200,000 votes and the combined total of the next two were 80,000 votes.   To find out more about Justin and The Disney Dream job check this link:

Justin and I both attened Grove City College and were both in the same housing group –Alpha Sigma (A music/arts honorary/ housing group) for our undergraduate work in music education (He graduated about 6 years after me).   It’s great to see this happen for him.

Justin V. Muchoney

Here’s hoping for you to have a “magical day”!

                 Dr. Prof. Joseph M. Pisano

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