Our great friend, and orator, V. Keith Mason has created a new podcast and mentions a number of the ME Bloggers on their site:

…Also for this week, I did a stroll through a few of the ME Bloggers list over at MusTech.net. I went through the current list and chatted about a few highlights (at least from the ones that caught my attention) from the now “36″ music educators that are now blogging as part of the ME Blogger campaign. I know that Joe is very excited to be over a third of the way to reaching that goal of 100 by the end of this year. Let me know what you think about my take of some of the current ME bloggers…

Stop on over, and give his podcast a listen and find out if he talked about your site, and while your at it, listen and subscribe to the other two dozen as well! Keith is an excellent educator and one of the best music technologists in the field.  You can find this podcast and all his others here:

Podcast about the ME Bloggers:

Keith’s Main site:

     Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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