Hello all,

I have been beyond busy but wanted to write a quick update to let you know a few odds and ends:

  • Mustech.net is being transferred to a VPS server. This is currently in process and will take another week to sort out all of the “problems” that are arising daily with the transfer, content, and network issues.
  • I will be in Hershey, PA from 17th through the 20th (This month!). I will be working Grove City’s booth. Please stop buy and bring me a coffee! :) Let’s talk!
  • I will be posting a number of new bloggers early next week and mailing out the post-36 Me Bloggers’ their Naxos Codes. The response has been great!
  • I am upgrading to WordPress 2.5 as part of the upgrade, so you will see some very cool new stuff soon!
  • I have plenty of cool technical and music education stuff to post very soon… please standby!
    • I just finished a session/presentation in Knox, PA to about 40 Music educators about the importance of knowing today’s technologies… very interesting responses, which I’ll share in an upcoming post.
    • I will hope to begin posting regularly again mid-next week!
    • I may podcast from Hershey, we’ll see.

Best regards,

Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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