The list continues to grow and apparently April Showers brings ME Blogger Power!  (You know that was funny err.. lame!)  Please say hello and take the time to visit the following new ME Bloggers!  I will be posting the complete compiled list in the next few days!

37. Roger Whaley, BandEdToolShed
38. Martha Grondin,, Tuneful, Beatful
39. Kevin Tuck, -Percussion Education Online
40. Janice Tuck, -The Music Teachers Blog
41. Steve Raybould, and Chours and PMS/PJHS
42.  Matthew Beresik, -Music, Life, Education, Technology (M-LET)

Please take the time to visit these new ME Bloggers and welcome them to our campaign!  I have a few more to post, but I’m still waiting on some data from them.   If you want to join our campaign, Now’s The Time! (To use a name from one of my favorite jazz tunes).

I will be getting the new ME Bloggers their FREE NAXOS CODE information in the next few days.  I have sent emails out to the first 36 already, if you did not get them, please email me at info[at] your email information.

I’m doing the best I can to keep up with all of this… expect more related ME posts in the near future!

        Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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