If you have not been to the NAME’s (When are we going to start using the NAME abbreviation, instead of MENC, more?) website for a while you will notice that they received a substantial upgrade to the look of their site.  Although it has taken me awhile to find everything I used before at their site, I think you’ll agree with me that the upgrade is an improvement.

Cut Out of thew New Site!

Chief among the facelifts is, finally, the addition of two NEEDED and easy to access RSS Feeds embedded within their front page (Now it’s up to us to get everyone to know how to use them!):

MENC News: http://menc.org/news.rss
MENC Events: http://menc.org/events.rss 

They have also added some relevant adds to the left sidebar and created a Newsblog “look” to the front page.  It is a little tricky to find the forums and mentor pages, but I’ll tell you how…you have to click on the “connect” tab and then you’ll find them.   I would like to see a SITEMAP added to the front page to facilitate finding all of the information contained within the website…perhaps in the future.

You may not know this but MENC does have a blog and you can find it here (sorry guys it’s not WordPress):
http://insidemenc.blogspot.com  and here is it’s RSS FEED.

I’m happy for the upgrade and hope you will continue to find it’s resources useful and now also, more easily.

                Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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