Disney is Magic AND Disney is full of Music….   A friend, music educator, and fellow classmate of mine, Justin Muchoney, has made it to the top 3 in the Walt Disney Dream CMO job contest!   I can think of no better candidate than Justin for this unique opportunity!    Justin has always been a great musician and music educator and loves children and teaching.   I think after you watch his video you will AGREE that he is the “musician” for the job!

Please vote for Justin and consequently -vote a MUSIC EDUCATOR for the DREAM CMO job!   What better match can there be for Disney and to help get the word out about our profession?

Vote for Justin!

Please take 1 minute and vote for Justin Today (Actually, you can only vote starting April 17th, but check it out today and bookmark it!)!

Incidentally, the careerbuilder.com website that is sponsoring the contest is very cool… Check it out here: www.careerbuilder.com

Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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