If you are seeing this you are properly seeing the new server at mustech.net. There have been a whole host of issues with transferring this to the VPS server. Many of the issues were compounded by the update to WordPress 2.5.

Here is what is not working but will work:

  • The Forums (Will be back as soon as I can figure out a few installation issues)
  • Some of the visuals on the front page and sidebars
  • OpenID

Here is what will not work:

  • Unfortunately, I had to loose all non-contributing (read writers) user accounts. I was not able to successfully move the user sql file over to the new server. One of the major issues I had with this upgrade was (getting technical here) changing the database from pre 2.1 language compatiable (latin) to post 2.1 compatible (UTF). This played havoc on the wording of all posts and comments. Because of that I was not able to simplly transfer the database, I had to use an XML export and re-import…this only worked for comments, posts, etc. I found no way to easily make this work with the existing user database. Please re-register here if you were using any services that required registration.  SORRY!
  • I am no longer supporting bybloglog avatars but am using gravatars again. If you want your picture to show up here -go to http://gravatar.com and upload one! :)
  • I’ve removed Smilies from the comment section
  • I may be moving to Disqus (http://www.disqus.com) for the comment sections shortly

This new private server allows me almost unlimited bandwidth, storage, cpu usage, control, and speed. The pages here should be lightening fast and stable. I will be working out the kinks in the upcoming weeks please standby and let me know of the problems as you may run into them.

Best regards,

         Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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