April Updates, Music Education (ME) Bloggers, MusTech.Net 2.0, And More!

It may seem like MusTech.Net hasn’t posted in awhile, but I can assure you the site has been very active!  We’ve recently completed our transfer and transformation to our new VPS Server (Virtual Private Server) and MusTech.Net 2.0!  This site should now be faster and more user-friendly for all intents and purposes! 

FYI, unless you are a technology genius…don’t upgrade your site to a VPS server by yourself!  It might not be rocket science, but it certainly is COMPUTER SCIENCE!  I’ve learned more about back-end APACHE, PHP, and cPANEL than I thought I would have ever wanted to know (P.S. you should be able to double click on any word here to get definitions)!

Here is what has been fixed with the site: EVERYTHING.   Everything at mustech.net should now be functioning; if you notice something that is not working, please use our contact page and let us know about it.  

There was a problem with the forums, but I have that fixed that now and it is operational and running.  Also, please note you will have to re-register here to use the forums.  IF YOU WERE SUBSCRIBED TO OUR NEWSLETTER YOU WILL HAVE TO RESUBSCRIBE AS WELL. You can do that by entering your email in the newsletter form in the lower left sidebar of any page.


Please welcome them and stop by their sites and say hello! Say hello here while your at it, especially if you’re new!


37. http://rogerwhaley.blogspot.com
Roger Whaley -The BandEd ToolShed
38. http://mgrondin.edublogs.org
Martha Grondin -Artful, Tuneful, Beatful
39. http://percussioneducationonline.com
Kevin Tuck -Percussion Education Online
40. http://www.musicteachersblog.com
Janice Tuck -The Music Teacher’s Blog
41. http://pmsbnc.blogspot.com
Stever Raybould -Band and Chorus PMS/PJHS
42. http://mdberesik.wordpress.com
Matthew Beresik -Music, Life, Education, Technology (M-LET)
43. http://musicedshare.wordpress.com
Kyle Krstolic -Music Education Share
44. http://musicedforall.blogspot.com
Dan Leeman -Music Education for All
45. http://amymburns.musiced.net
Amy Burns -Elementary Music/Music Technology
46. http://www.music.erinnwrobel.com
Erinn Wrobel – Notes From The Mitten
47. http://dougbutchy.wordpress.com
Doug Butchy – Confessions of a Band Director

Again, you can find the latest information and Music Education Blogger list here:

There are many ME Blogger specific articles posted there to help you.  Also, don’t forget that we are here to help you.  If you have questions about WordPress, Blogger, blogging, or technology in general, please visit our music, technology, education forums here: http://www.mustech.net/sf-forum.

Please add mustech.net and all of the current ME Bloggers to your blogrolls, or as a post or page.  If you want to know why this is important read this article. 

You can go directly to the entire OFFICIAL ME Blogger list by clicking this link!

              Dr. Prof. Joseph M. Pisano

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