This computer problem was brought to my attention and I thought I would post it on to see if any of you SUPER TECH SAVVY people out there could shed some light on this problem…. and help all of us with a working solution within the context of how we are trying to get this resolved.

The problem:
If you have a Tablet PC, and XP (or Vista), and have tried to access with IE7 (Internet Explorer -I’m not sure about version 6 or prior), you get the following typical, bland, message: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

This is only interesting because it WILL open with Opera, Firefox, and other browsers on the tablet PC.  To further compound the issue, it will open fine in any of the other XP or VISTA, non-tablet, PC editions/computers.

The problem seems to be materialized only with the tablet PC and IE combination when going to the site  I have not find this anomaly anywhere else.  Are any of you experiencing this phenomenon with any other sites? 

Now, before anyone goes off rambling and posting here on a hundred reasons not to use IE7, Microsoft, tablet PCs, etc… I am looking SPECIFICALLY for solutions that take into consideration this scenario only.   The definitive solution at this point, as far as I can tell, is to use a standards compliant browser… but this doesn’t resolve the curiosity as to why this doesn’t work at all in IE7 and the curious webpage not found issue without any clue as to THE WHY…

I have replicated this problem on multiple tablet PCs from different locations and can confirm this to be a problem. 

Here is some troubleshooting information:

  • The IP address of is
  • Entering the IP address into the browser also results in the same problem.   I can successfully ping and tracert to the above IP Address. 
  • I have cleared all the cache information, flushed all the dns information, added the IP address to a hosts file, and disabled all add-ons and extensions from IE7 and still cannot access the site.
  • The address WILL open in Firefox and Opera
  • has failed to respond to any inquiries about this as of yet

Very little information about this problem is found on the web without serious manipulations of keyword searches but I have found others having this same issue. This confirms that this exact problem is more widespread then just a local issue with me and my immediate computer environment(s) and will most likely will be coming to other peoples attention in the near future (You’re here right?.

The following are some sites talking about this issue, at this point with no resolution either:

Please let me know if you have had/are having this experience and anything you’ve done to try and resolve the situation by commenting below.

     Best regards,

             Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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