NAXOS Online Music Library, Podcast E12

It’s the second episode of season two and Darren and Joseph are redefining the acronym SOB and bringing you the latest and greatest information about the NAXOS Online Music Library.

Special guest and music industry expert, Randall Foster, is LIVE and on the scene talking about how NAXOS is affecting the music education scene and providing an inexpensive way to access literally, hundreds of thousands of tracks of music. Don’t miss this episode as Darren and Joseph explore this exciting service and provide full blown bantering humor as they interview Randall…or is it Randy…you decide!

Original Air Date: 3/24/2008


Podcasters :Dr. Joseph M. Pisano, Mr. Darren J. Morton 
                         and special guest, Randall Foster

Episode 12’s Show:

  • NAXOS Music Online Library
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Bitrate and sound quality
  • Marching band labels and the Grover Shuffle?
  • Wind band literature
  • Using playlists with NAXOS
  • Dialup Support from NAXOS
  • Free Hand Music- Digital Sheet Music
  • An Exclusive Peek into new services coming up by NAXOS
  • An Exclusive Incentive (not yet announced on this airdate) for the ME Bloggers! 
  • The campaign to get 100 Music Education Bloggers by 2009!
    Learn more about our campaign!
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Music provided by Jason Davis:
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