Hello all,

       It’s been busy this month.  We’re in the “thick” of things at the college here in Grove City, PA.  Snow has been coming down for weeks like water over Niagra.   It’s been hard to keep up with mustech.net (and all the snow shoveling!)  and the great questions, tips, and ideas we’ve been getting here!   I have not even been able to keep up with the finishing of many of the half written articles that have been in the “works” for weeks!  Wow… it’s good to vent!

      Despite the hectic schedule, I’ve been doing a lot of podcasts on others sites over the last month and wanted to let you know where you can find these great informative audio informational gems.  I also have one coming up on this Wednesday the 5th that you’ll want to catch live and even…participate with!

       Kieth Mason and I had a great conversation that he posted over at MusicTechForMe that talked about blogging, the ME blogger campaign, and other great music technology related information.  As Keith is located in Nashville, we used SKYPEto make this work.  We had a few audio glitches along the way, but the podcast was a great success and I encourage you to “check it out” and have fun with it.

       Robert Brannon and I had a great interactive LIVE podcast that utilized both a chat room and a multi-user SKYPE session to talk about topics that are very current regarding blogging, websites, english as a 2nd language, music, and various classroom topics.  The podcast was about an hour and part of their great music group and project, the music is free, and can be found here at his site, and here at Musicbridge.com.

       Darren and I also started up our 2nd season of podcasts.  You can bet that these podcasts are some of the most informative and ENTERTAINING music education and related topic podcasts you will ever listen to.  You can listen to these directly from our site from the left sidebar podplayer, find our complete list here, or visit our hosting site at http://mustech.podomatic.com.

      GREAT UPCOMING LIVE OPPORTUNITY TO TALK WITH ME AND LEE ANN BABER OF EDTALKTECH.COM THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5th, AT 9:00 P.M. EST!!!     Here are some related links about this upcoming venue, I’ll be posting more about this on TUESDAY of next week:

     I hope you’ll tune in live and be part of the show!  EdTechTalk is the leading educational related podcast/blogcast venue on the web for educators and is an amazingly professional outfit that provides the educational community, as a whole, a great service.

     Don’t forget to COMMENT often- here, there, and everywhere!

          Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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