Hello friends,

        I along with a couple of other co-SAVVY bloggers have started, what will no doubt be the best and most useful, program noteswebsite available to date (how’s that for ambitious!).   I am very excited about the look of the site and the, very real, usefulness factor it provides.

        I/we have been Alpha testing this site and am ready to have about a dozen new folks try this out and work with me on a closed BETA version of the site.   In particular, I am looking for directors with choral, jazz, and orchestra program note experience/writers to continue the testing, but I’ll take band and wind ensemble directors too! :)

        I really would like to publicly have the BETA moved into full production by mid-April.   If you have written notes, and or want to write notes, we could REALLY use your help with this project.  This project will benefit all educators by providing a reliable program note source for all of us.  One that is searchable, expandable, categorical, and FREE.

          If you are interested, and I KNOW YOU ARE!  Please contact me using the contact page and send me a valid email address where I can contact you.  Please considering being part of this global initiative and help us.  If you already have a number of program notes available (whatever the ensemble or level), you are the person (people!) we are looking for to be a part of this BETA bunch.

      Hope to hear from a “bunch” of you soon!

                    Dr. Jospeh M. Pisano

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