The following post is an official call for MUSIC EDUCATION BLOGGERS.  Not unlike a call for papers, this post announces a call for the submission of bloggers to become part of our ME Blogger Campaign.   

Please feel free to use any or all of this post in any way possible to promote this IMPORTANT campaign.  You may also download a PDF of the Call for Music Education Bloggers directly from our eSnips account for including in any electronic dispersion of this campaign.

Below starts the announcement of the CALL FOR MUSIC EDUCATION BLOGGERS:

2008-2009 Mustech.Net’s International Initiative:

Call For Music Education Bloggers

CLICK TO VIEW THIS AS A ENLARGED GRAPHIC!Dr. Joseph M. Pisano and Mr. Owen S. Bradley began/announced an initiative at the Florida Music Educator’s Conference (FMEA), in January of this year, asking music educators to create 100 new music education related weblogs (blogs) by January of 2009. The goal of these new blogs would be to become part of the music education information repository on the internet and begin to provide accurate, timely, and needed information about music and the music profession to other colleagues, musicians, ensembles, educators, and the general population.

The Music Education Blogger (ME Blogger) initiative is global in nature and music educators from throughout the world are invited to participate and create blogs about their particular interests. Blog content may very from specifics like, Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze, elementary choirs, or classroom management to global topics like elementary music, secondary music, instrumental music, the entire music program, etc.

Please note this Call for Bloggers is only accepting non-commercial, non-static, blog-style websites for submission and inclusion. If you are already blogging about music education, music education technology, music performances, or other related music education topics, please consider joining our campaign and becoming an official ME blogger and have your site listed with the other experts of this initiative.

Finally, please note that has agreed to provide technical support for anyone that is part of this campaign (or would like to become part of the campaign) as it relates to starting and maintaining these blogs. has technical forums and an e-mail support system setup for this campaign and has successfully helped a number of ME Bloggers get started with this campaign already.

To learn more about joining this very unique Music Education campaign and initiative or JOIN our campaign, please visit our repository of related ME blogger materials at: or visit  for more information.

Campaign Submission Deadline: December 31st, 2008

This is a “grassroots” initiative; please spread this letter in any way that you are able:
 newsletters, mailings, e-mails, list-servers, blogs, websites, online social-communities, etc.

Your help with this important initiative is greatly appreciated!

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