I’ve created a ten minute tutorial to help you understand the very versatile feed-reader, BlogBridge.  This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Adding RSS feeds
  • Sorting Articles
  • Importing an OPML feed
  • Exporting an OPML feed
  • Creating a smart feed
  • Changing View Sizes

BlogBridge Photo

I highly recommend blogbridge to become your favorite RSS reader.  It is free, open source, cross-platform and extremely powerful.  If you are not using a feed reader currently, it’s a great program to begin with.

I’ve uploaded two files to my eSnips folder.  This folder can be found here:

AVI BlogBridge Tutorial Info:
The AVI file, although smaller in size is of a much better quality.  This file can be downloaded by clicking this link.  

Flash BlogBridge Tutorial Info:
To view the flash file online, without downloading it, click this link.  The flash tutorial is not quite the quality as the AVI one, but it is still passable. You may also download the flash tutorial by clicking this link.

This tutorial, although not as technically perfect as I would like, was easily created with free screen recording software from camstudio. I also used what may quite possibly be the best free video conversation software available, SUPER.

Questions about this or any of the software used?  Ask in our comment section below or our forums.

            Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

P.S. (Yes, I realize that I cut off a small portion of the right screen within the tutorial…sorry.  I might get around to fixing that…)

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