When I arrived at home today, I had a letter from the Nu chapter of Phi Beta Mu stating that I had been approved for inclusion into their prestigious bandmasters group and would be inducted along with others at the 2008 PMEA conference in Hershey, PA.  I am very excited to be given this honor and to become a part of such a rich tradition.  

The mission of Phi Beta Mu is this:

Phi Beta Mu is a non-political, non-profit fraternity organized to promote fellowship among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in schools throughout the world, to foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and to encourage widespread interest in band performance.

What a fantastic mission and a global one at that.  To find out more about Phi Beta Mu, click this link.   I’m curious to know if any of you ME bloggers, Music bloggers, or blog readers are members as well…

               Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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