Unbelievably Crazy Music Series: #6: Windows Sounds Sequenced In Song

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Unbelievably Crazy Music Video Series #6:

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Post Date: 3/21/2008 

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Viewing Rating: G-For Everyone

Hat-tip: Thanks to Alex Frazier for pointing this one out to us!


Some people just have too much time on their hands AND too much fun!  This song is an amalgamation of sounds found on a Windows XP or 98 machine.  It’s hysterical, especially when you hear the Windows Shutdown sound…well., crash!  This song was created using the very popular and FREE MODplug tracker software.  The concept of this video/song is pretty clever.  How about a MAC one…anyone?

[youtube ZfIe5UfGvvw Link to this at YouTube!]

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