I’ve modified my pagecast on pageflakesto include all the RSS feeds of all the ME bloggers. This was my first simple (read non-time consuming) step to provide an aggregate of all our feeds and a place for all of you ME blogger newbies to go to keep track of everyone else’s posts.   This is an online resource and can be read from anywhere you have an active internet connection.

Picture of the Pageflakes RSS Feeds

I will be adding new ME Bloggers to the pagecast as I have time.  I also intend on modifying musicednews.com to become an online aggregate RSS feed generator of all the ME blogger feeds into ONE single RSS feed that anyone can use on their sites or sidebars.  If you haven’t checked out musicednews.com, it’s worth a look.

For those of you power-users, I will have an OPML file of all of our sites up soon for you to grab and import into your favorite RSS Readers like blogbridge.  IMHO there is no better open-source Feed Reader than blogbridge.  I also am an expert guide author at blogbridge and have a couple of expert site guides that consist of industry music sites and music education sites (mostly blogs).   I change these guides from time to time and am in the process of changing some of the music education blogger sites in the guide.

If you’re curious you can find my expert guides under “creativity and the arts” here: http://library.blogbridge.com/folder/11845-creativity-the-arts.  I have plans to to a vidcast of how to use blogbridge in the near future…  so much to do!

In the mean time check out my AWESOME ;)  pagecast containing all of the ME blogger RSS feeds here:
http://www.pageflakes.com/mebloggers  Please let me know if you find this of value by commenting here or in the forums.  If you have anyquestions about any of this let me know, we’re here to help!

Bookmark the pagecast, you’ll find it much easier to have the information of the ME bloggers coming to you, instead of you going to it!  Feed readers like pageflakes is how I manage to have enough time to go through all the amazing information that you and other sites I follow are putting out daily!

         Dr. Joseph M. PisanoDr. Joseph M. Pisano

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