If you didn’t hear, NASA is beaming the Beatles tune “Across the Universe” today to the North Star region of space…. You can learn more about this here:

Now, the joke is really on the would-be alien listeners, as they only have one chance to hear this “broadcast” as it speeds by them… If they miss it as it passes over their heads (maybe even multiple heads per alien), they will be out of interstellar luck as the duplicating and re-distributing of this message is prohibited by Earth’s, soon to be announced, Intergalactic Copyright Policy

Rumor has it a new division of R.I.A.A., “Cosmic R.I.A.A.” or possibly, “R.I.A.A. in Space”, will be formed and their lawyers are already pounding out remuneration scenarios for the various unknown species of sentient life that might be found space-pirating away this precious sonic material… some of these scenarios are speculated to include, but not limited to, heavenly sums of something very valuable and future imprisonment on the yet to be established penal colony on Mars (You know you wondered what all those missions and rovers we’re REALLY up to!). 

O.K. seriously…  the song is 40 years old today and the truth is that by the time it get’s to where it’s going…it will have been in the public domain for nearly 4 centuries!  So… copy, duplicate, and replicate away cosmic creatures of the deep unknown!

             Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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