Darren and I have started our 2nd season of podcasts!  This season we plan on increasing the number of guests on our show from both here in the United States and outside the country!  I’ve also added a flash player in the left sidebar of mustech.net so that you can quickly listen to any episode of our show.   In addition, I will continue to refine ways to get the “word out” about our show and make access to it easier.

Darren and I do not keep a “release” schedule like our good friend Keith Mason who puts out his great podcasts on the 1st and 15th of each month.  We usually do two per month and they are posted as soon as we have the time to get them up…  at some point we might actually get it on a real schedule.  No promises! :)

You can find our first podcast of the new season here: Blogging, Blu-Ray, HD-Radio and RSS! You can also find the entirety of our podcasts by visiting our podcast category on mustech.net.

You may also find our podcasts and subscribe to them at the best and greatest podcast sites on the web today including:

I’m fairly confident we are listed with every major podcast directory and/or engine.  If you are currently using a podcast service that we are not a part of, please let us know and we will add our podcast to it.  In addition to retrieving the podcast from these types of retrieval systems,  you may also subscribe directly to our podcasts from the following RSS sources:

[RSS] Feedburner
[RSS] Podomatic

Also, you may find our MAIN podcast source page by visiting the following link:
http://mustech.podomatic.com.  This is the site where I actually make the initial web posting of our podcasts and use for distributing them throughout the web.

Our podcast remains very popular and Darren and I both want to take our broadcast to the “next level” (whatever that means and entails…) in the upcoming season(s).  Here is a snapshot of one month of our statistics.  Each header is a specific category of “hit” and the numbers below denote how many people viewed/downloaded/played, etc. per day.  It is our hope to double these number this season. 

Mustech.net Podcast Statistics…

If  you are interested in starting your own podcast, please let us know by commenting here or opening up a new topic in our forums

Also, Darren wrote an excellent article about podcasting called Podcasting…Sonic Excellence Awaits that deals with the fidelity of the podcast.  I also wrote an article for podcasting newbies, Podcasting For Newbies: Easy To Use Freeware From WildVoice, that can get you up and running in no time!

If you’re still struggling with this RSS stuff, visit our FEED PASS podcasting help website and it will guide and help you with the process.  If you need help subscribing to other things at mustech.net, scroll down the right sidebar until you find the FEED PASS section and click a link within it.

If you listen to a podcast and want to talk about it, please comment…let’s start a conversation!

               Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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