Blogging, Blu-Ray, HD-Radio, And RSS, Podcast E11

Darren and Joseph are back on the air and kicking it hard! In this episode they talk about getting their new campaign to get 100 music educators blogging by 2009 among other great topics!

Original Air Date: 2/21/2008


Podcasters: Dr. Joseph Pisano and Mr. Darren Morton

Episode 11’s Show:

  • Joseph Makes a public apology for missing a podcast DATE!
  • exceeds bandwidth and has to upgrade to 20 Gig a month!
  • How about comments -don’t be afraid to comment on a blog!
  • The campaing to get 100 Music Education Bloggers by 2009!
    Learn more about our campaign!
  • Darren upgrades to HD-Radio for his FM station
  • Blu-ray becomes the winner of the format wars
  • What are RSS feeds and OPML feeds?
  • What’s coming up in the next few podcasts? Find out.
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Music provided by Jason Davis:
Jason Davis Music


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