Well… I’m not sure how often I am going to update the list, certainly once per month, but I am going to make note of new ME bloggers every time I a few become known to me.  This is important so that we can become aware of the new ME bloggers and support each other though blogroll links, comments, and encouragement.

I am so excited to see the recent “flurry” of activity in the Music Education “Blog World” due to the impact of our 100 ME Blogger campaign… it is so nice to see real, well though, helpful, and insightful comments on others blogs other than Travis, James, Owen, a few others, and myself!   If you are a ME blogger, I encourage you to comment on others sites as often as you can.  Join our conversation and become part of the “global conversation” about all things music, education, and technology.   If you’ve been thinking about jumping in to our ME blogger campaign…don’t wait.  We have promised to help you get started and get on your way… Check out our official ME blogger campaign information here:

My next post will include a new aggregation online site of all the ME bloggers and will provide a way for all of you ME bloggers to “keep” up with each others activities.   Stay tuned and PLEASE let me know you stopped by! :)  ..even the folks at mustech.net need encouragement from time to time!

Here is the list of the latest ME bloggers, say hello to them!:

Robert Brannan (elderbob): http://musicisfree.ning.com
Joel: http://soyouwanttoteach.com
Paul Draper: http://www.pauldraper.org/
John Wilborn: http://johnwilborn.wordpress.com

A couple others have mentioned to me that you would like to join the campaign.  Please let me know for sure.  If I’ve missed anyone, my apologies… please let me know about the miscommunication and I’ll get you “up” as soon as possible!  Again, contact us for any help that you might need and/or use our forums. 

Remember, if you don’t get out and “introduce” yourselves, many of us will not know that you are “out there”.  Introduce yourselves, by adding us to your blogrolls, writing and linking to one of our articles in a post, commenting on our sites, or simply sending an email.  I wrote a great article about the usefulness trackbacks and pingbacks back in September of 2006.   It is still read quite a bit today.  To find out more about how trackbacks and pingbacks work check follow this link:

Check out all of our ME bloggers:
See the first list of ME Bloggers, and add them all to your site, here!

All the best,

           Dr. Joseph M. Pisano     

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