Well…if your a Microsoft Vista fan, that answers to some of your computer problems may be coming to an end on Monday.  Microsoft is set to release the LONG awaited SP1 on Monday, February 4th. 

If you’ve been following along here at mustech.net you know that I upgraded to Vista on one of my machines the week it became available to the public.   To check out the “play by play” of my installation of Microsoft Windows Vista click this link:

I also wrote about my top 5 Vista gadgets for musicians back in February.  To see this post click this link:

In the end the Vista experience on my “trial” system was filled a lot of “grief” and a lot of “cool experiences”typical of a major O/S upgrade.  My biggest problems with Vista were these:

  • major issues with bluetooth devices and finding a bluetooth “stack” that worked
  • major issues with video that caused me to purchase a “Vista” ready video card
  • major issues with computer speed (virtual memory issues -not cpu) that caused me to upgrade from 1.5 gigabytes of ram to 4 gigabytes of ram
  • lack of 3rd party drivers for existing hardware including my scanner, webcam, pci video capture cards, and sound cards

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to Vista, your wait may be coming to an end with this service pack release.  To find out information about what is coming in the SP1 release check out this informative article fromTechArp.

For your information, one of my computers run XP, one Vista, my notebook -XP, and my eee pc -Linux (more about the eee pc in a future article, it’s awesome!).   Yes, XP is still more stable than Vista IMHO.  We’ll see what the Vista SP1 does to my opinion in the near future!

        Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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