Here ye, Here ye:

I’ve compiled an OPML file that you will allow you to be able to easily import all the ME Blogger feeds into your favorite RSS reader AT ONE TIME.  If you’re not sure what a RSS reader is… stay tuned to the next post from where I will show you how to upload OPML file into various RSS feed readers.   Note: almost all RSS readers have the ability import OPML files, you may have to look around a little for the option.  

By the way,  if you are looking for a WAY COOL offline/online RSS reader I highly recommend the one by blogbridge.  This can be found at  It is crossplatform and open-source.

This file contains 22 RSS feeds of the official ME bloggers.  And can be found by clicking this sentence!

I will be updating this OPML file every time I post the official list of ME bloggers.   If you are a ME blogger and have not been keeping up on the latest ME Blogger information check here: I have updated this static page a number of times since its first posting.  I will also continue to add to that link, so check it ofter.

If you are “on the fence” about starting a music education blog, GET OFF and join us today!  We will help you!  Don’t worry about posting every day or every week, just start it and the rest will come!  We are all busy. :)  Join our global conversation today!

All the best,

      Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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