Great posts for music educators from the ME bloggers:

James Frankel posts a great article about getting and utilizing the alternative ensemble in the school.

John Wilborn writes about how he is utilizing technology and music education in the classroom and how his students and administrators are reacting to him.

Carol Broos writes about podcasting and how to do it! She gives great tips about content, podcast length and more.


Miikka Salavuo on the Horizon Report II: Collaboration Webs

Miikka writes about collaboration Webs in the work and learning environment and includes information about related tools for musicians and music educators.

Evan Tobias asks about the feasibility of free academic journals online.

Paul Draper discusses an article in the New York Times called “Hard to be an Audiophile in an iPod World”

Keith Mason and Joseph Pisano podcast about music educators becoming bloggers and the importance of the new blogging medium in the educational environment.

Travis Weller asks if NO ONE listened to the Grammy’s and get’s the attention of the Dallas Wind symphony.

Joel gives great tips for new teachers as he writes about why he hated teaching during his first two years.

Linda Granite takes her students to “dinner and a movie” and discusses how she uses the reward system with her music students.

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