The first month of the ME Blogger campaign is off and running…and almost over already!  I am pleased to announce that we now have 18 OFFICIAL ME Bloggers!  That’s almost 20% of our goal for 2009! 

Many of the NEW ME Bloggers have announced their intentions to join and are still in the process of getting their web logs up and running… I will continue to post new members additions as they make themselves aware to me/us here:

In addition, I will update the list via a post toward the end of each month.  Please join me in welcoming all the official Me Bloggers today!   Visit them and say hello!

Here we go…. Drum Roll Please..

  1. *
    Joseph M. Pisano
  2. *
    Owen Bradley
  3. *
    Evan Tobias
  4. *
    Espie Estrella
  5. *
    James Frankel
  6. *
    Miikka Salavuo
  7. *
    Pete Whitfield
  8. *
    Chad Criswell
  9. *
    Jonathan Savage
  10. *
    V. Keith Mason
  11. *
    Travis J. Weller
    Ken Pendergrass
    Linda Granite
    Elderbob Brannan
    Deborah Valdivia-Zwolinski

* designates ME Bloggers part of our collective before the OFFICIAL campaign.

If you are a ME blogger please feel free to re-post this list/post (Cut and Paste into a post on your site!) and add the people on this list to your blogroll.  If you aren’t a ME blogger please feel free to re-post this list/post and add the people on this list to your blogroll! :)

I am also encouraging all the ME Bloggers to “get out” and visit the other ME Bloggers as time permits and to get involved in the conversations on others site.   Why not start this week…today?

If you would like to become a ME Blogger it’s not hard, let me know about it or let another ME Blogger know about it.  We’ll help you!  That’s our promise to you.  To find out the latest updates in our campaign and our EASY Me Blogger requirments check here:

For help, visit our forums and join our discussion:

In the mean time if you are a ME blogger, feel free to grab one of our LOGO Graphics and use them on your site!  You can find out how to add these by using a WordPress site here:

For using a Blogger site (Thanks Ken!) here:

To find out why it is VERY important for us to continue to link to each other, please read this article that I wrote back in April of 2007.  I am going to be re-writing this as a ME Blogger article in the near future, but it will give you some idea as to the mechanics of HOW we become heard in the Internet World…

I’ve also decided to add a “Friends of the ME Bloggers” part of our campaign…  There are so many GREAT bloggers that are affiliated with us in some way and want to be a part of this, but don’t “fit the mold”…  More on this in the future!

So…please let me know what you think (good or bad!) about this or anything that we talk about here!

       Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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