Note: Currently Pagebull is no longer available 10/2009

I’ve come across a number of search engines over the years, and I’m still by far a GOOGLE fan… but this one, Pagebull, is worth looking into and I find myself using it more and more for certain types of searches. It is fast (if you have broadband) and returns relevant results.  The difference, it returns snapshots of each page it returns.  You can choose how you like the grid of results returned based on your resolution, etc.

Here’s a screenshot for the search for “joseph pisano”:

Pagebull Pict One

Another really useful (and totally web 2.0 cool!) feature of Pagebull is the built in integration of multiple social bookmarking and other related type of tools. For example, you can easily add any of the results returned to services like reddit, digg, bluedot, stumbleupon, simpy, etc.  You can also choose from a number of informational options like, Google Translate, Alexa Info and “more info”.  

Here’s a screenshot of the informational pop-up:

Pagebull Pict Two Social Popup

It also has a zoom feature for every result brought up as well:

Pagebull pict three enlarge
Another useful feature is that you can restrict the results very easily from the search box.   That is you can choose to only bring up results from the U.S.A. or any other country you are looking for.   Pagebull is not the first of it’s kind, but it certainly is one of the best implemented.   There are a number of visual directories out there and a lot of them give off too much “FLUFF”.  This search engine is useful because it does exactly what it says it does…much like Google; straight, direct, and to the point!

Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll become a fan as well:

              J. Pisano

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