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100 Music Education Bloggers by January of 2009 and the have started a campaign to have 100 Music Educators blogging about music, education, and technology by January of 2009. We are inviting you to join our campaign and become an active blogger! This truly is the ground-floor of what IS the next wave of educational communication and thought/idea sharing for our fields (and every other one!).

There are a number of reasons that an educator will blog:

1. Reflection, Introspect, & Thought Crystallization2. Sharing knowledge with their students, peers or the world (global conversations)3. Contributing to a larger database of information (active research)4. Writing Practice (There is a tree-ware book in all of us!)5. Creative Outlet6. Digital Mentoring7. Active Sharing of Media (Pictures/Photos/Webcasts/Podcasts/Vidcasts)8. Create a network of peers9. Advertise your concerts, clinics, yourself, or whatever (publicity)
Starting your blog requires little more than a rudimentary knowledge of navigating the internet and basic word-processing skills. Creating a blog is so easy that you will be dumbfounded as to how easy it is and wondering why you didn’t use this extremely valuable informational outlet 5 years ago.

Personally, we cannot even begin to tell you the benefits that we’ve received by starting to blog over a year ago. We are some of the very first generation music educators to utilize this type of technology.Conversations about music education have not only been nationwide but have transcended the international boundary by dialogue with people from Canada, South America, England, Finland, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many more. The insight gained from these other cultures about how they view and incorporate music into their schools and curriculum is EYE-OPENING!We have started a static page on ( that is dedicated to helping you start, maintain, and have a successful blog and blog experience. This is gearing up now and will contain the active list of bloggers that are part of the ME blogger phenomenon.

Many articles, screencasts, tutorials, and helpful items will be available from that area as well as support from the forums. We are promising you free help and to be YOUR DIGITAL MENTOR in this process as we know that you will become OUR and OTHERS DIGITAL MENTORS in many other music related areas.

We are currently recommending starting your blog by obtaining your own free site from  or Signup at either site is both free and easy!

Do you want to be considered an ME Blogger (ME TOO!).  Here are the basic rules:

  1. You must have (or have started) a blog site and not a simple website. 
  2. You must agree to post 2 or more posts per month about a topic that is interesting to you, your students, the music audience as a whole, etc. that related to music education and/or music technology in the classroom environment. Literally, you can almost blog about anything related… the “world is your oyster!”
  3. You must agree to not “covet” your materials and share them with the world under a creative commons license (your pick!).
  4. You must actively participate in our “global conversation” about our field by joining in the conversation with others:
    1. Agreeing to comment on two others ME Bloggers posts per month
    2. Share your blog with others by linking to the other ME Bloggers in either your blogroll or a page of ME Bloggers
    3. Agreeing to answer legitimate quesions by ME Bloggers and others that post questions on your site in a timely manner.
  5. Let me know you exist!  Comment after this post, or visit our contact page!
  6. When you become an ME blogger, post about our campaign as much as you want, tell your friends…we know this is going to be a long haul…let’s take the first step together!

At the “end of the day”, you really will see these requirements are “nothing at all”, I only post them as a guideline to encourage you all to blog and be successful bloggers.  Look for a whole lot more posts about digital mentoring from Owen and I in the weeks and months to come…

We promise to help you as much as you need it!  I’ve created a special forum here for the ME Bloggers.  In order to use it and/or see it (and to protect the forum) you must subscribe to here.

I hope you will join us and say, “ME TOO”!  I look forward to hearing from you.  We hope to have a very “sophisticated” cool looking logo for you to include on your web soon that you can post to proudly show you are a “ME BLOGGER”! 

You can view the updated information and list of people currently considered to be here (to be posted by the end of the 2nd week of January).


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