I had a great time and experience while in Michigan.  I got to spend time with good friends and meet new friends and colleagues.  I spent a lot time with V. Keith Mason.  We have had a number of conversations but have never officially met. 

The presentation about R.S.S. went very well.  I was a little bit anxious about it as it was very “cutting edge” material -however, the folks in attendance told me afterward that it was a great session.  I plan to post a web version of the presentation very soon.

I have a number of draft posts beginning to pile up and with the start of the college semester “off and running”,  it may be awhile before I get to them all BUT, I’m planning on posting the current, OFFICIAL list of ME bloggers tomorrow… Stay TUNED! 

If you are a ME blogger or planning to be one,  don’t forget to check out the official repository of ME blogging information from time to time here:

In the mean time I’ve “bitten the bullet” and have decided to add a one-way RSS feed of my “twitters”.  You can see this on the sidebar to the right: “Dr. Pisano Twitters:”.  I have just about integrated my WordPress, Twitter and Facebook sites into each other now.  I should be able to Twitter from anyone of the three and have it appear on the others.  It seems to be working… for now! :)

         Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

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