Last Friday was a great day for the realm of music education everywhere!  I finally got to meet, in person, Owen Bradly and James Frankel.  We’ve been talking back and forth on our blogs for over a year and we actually, finally just met face to face.

One of the interesting things about meeting them both was that we started to talk just as if we were friends “for years”.  The only formality was making sure that we actually had the “face” with the right “digital personality”.  Many things were discussed and I can promise you great things ahead for ME bloggers and Music Education and Technology…

If you haven’t read either of their blogs yet I encourage you to do so.

James’s blog is at

Owen’s blog is at

As soon as I get back “in gear” and back to PA, I’ll be posting regularly again.  If you live close to Grand Rapids, Michigan, James and I will both be presenting at the Michigan Music Conference.  It runs from January 24th through the 26th.  We both would like to meet you all!

Find more about the 2008 Michigan Music Conference Here!

Also, if you are thinking about becoming a ME BLOGGER, don’t think anymore!  Just Do It!  We will help you!

In the mean-time, check out some of the very best ME Bloggers, that I’ve catalogued,  right here by using Blogbridge!

    J. Pisano

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