The trend in information and communication technology is very exciting at this point in time, especially if you’re in the forefront of what’s happening.  I signed up for a Ning account over a year ago, but did not do much with it.  At the time, I was becoming heavily involved with WordPress.  I knew the time would come though, when I revisited Ning as it has so much to offer.


Picture of Ning

Discussing things with future PMEA District 5 president Travis Weller , we began to formulate ideas as to how we could best build an interactive site that would allow the PMEA members a place to discuss and interact with each other in a semi-private setting.   After bouncing forth ideas, I suggest that we consider Ning as a possibility.   It may just be the “ticket”.

Ning will allow us to create a private community that will provide the opportunity for posting notes, discussing items in forums and provide an arena to share photos, videos and other types of media.    As of now, the only shortcomings that I see with it is that you can’t syndicate the “CURRENT ACTIVITY LOG” via RSS on a private NING page.   You also cannot have a public “face” to your private page from within NING, so an external web will still be required.  That being said it’s got about 90% of what we are looking for in an online social community platform and it’s FREE.

I’ve made a prototype for PMEA and we will be working with it in the weeks to come.   In the mean time I welcome any of your suggestions as to what you all are doing with regard to your organizations and regional groups.  If you are doing/using anything in the “web 2.0” classification of things, like Ning, I’d love to hear about it.

Best regards,

           Joseph M. Pisano

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