Hello all,

      Just wanted to let you know of a couple of things that are going on here at mustech.net. 

  •  First off, if you haven’t visited our freeware section page (see above) it was updated recently.
  • The forum part of mustech.net is up and active, please feel free to use it and ask questions or join our global conversation about all things music, technology, and education.  In order to keep the posts relevant, I’ve enabled it so anyone can view, but you have to be logged in to post.  It’s the only way to keep “junk” out of the forums.
  • Some of you have emailed me that you’ve posted a comment but it didn’t post.  I’ve been having problems with the Spam Filters junking legitimate comments.  I think I have that fixed.  If you’ve posted a comment and it has not come up please let me know.
  • The drop down archive menu is not working (top middle).  It will show you the posts, but will not let you click to them.  I’m working on this.  It’s a Javascript issue.  I haven’t been able to pinpoint what happened…but it started when I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1.
  • I am continuing to post in our “Best Music Freeware” series of posts.  If you’ve missed something check here.
  • Yes, we are still doing podcasts!  They will start up again in January! :)

All my best,

          J. Pisano

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