I’ve begun to survey the “blogosphere” for the best examples of music industry blogs and wanted to share some of the better blog sites I’ve found thus far.  Sites in this category include bloggers who write about: Rock, Rock and Roll, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Classical, Pop, and the Music industry.

If you know of a particularly “killer” blog or blogger in any of these categories (or others) please let me know.  Here’s my list so far (descriptions from the site):


Covering twang-infused music with an alternative slant. Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues. 


Blogcritics is an online magazine, a community of writers and readers from around the globe.  http://www.gloriousnoise.com/
An online music magazine featuring essays and stories about how rock and roll can change your life. 

A completely subjective blog of music reviews covering mostly jazz and blues but branching out into other genres as well. 


Music, News, Music News, and Music/News of the Rock and/or Roll Variety.

Mostly-music blog with reviews and opinions from music from the 1980’s forward. 


Amazing pop music coverage of the pop news, podcasts, downloads, videos and interviews variety. 


A central clearinghouse for bluegrass news and comment, targeted at both industry professionals and folks who would enjoy following what’s going on in the industry. 



The Latest Hop Hop News, Songs, Pics & Videos.


The 9513 is the web’s premiere country music blog, and a go-to resource for thousands of readers in search of the latest country music news and reviews.

I will be adding an RSS category for them in the very near future and will be unveiling an  RSS project I’ve been working on with an industry software leader in the next few weeks that will “BLOW YOUR MINDS!”…. Stay tuned!

          J. Pisano

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